December 12,  2016  (Monday)  

2:00 pm –    6:20 pm Registration Office Open 

3:30 pm –    5:00 pm Tutorial Session

Free Software for the Education of Supply Chain  Optimization
Éva König, Anikó Bartos, Botond  Bertók 

5:00 pm –    5:20 pm Coffee break 

5:20 pm –    6:20 pm Invited Plenary Tutorial Session

Pseudo-boolean Optimization in Computer Vision
Ramin Zabih

6:30 pm –    7:10 pm Orientation walk: 2,5 km easy guided sight- seeing in the old town (additional registration required)


7:10 pm –    7:50 pm Pr´ım´as  Winery wine-tasting  (additional registration required) 


December 13,  2016  (Tuesday)  

8:00 am –    5:30 pm Registration Office Open

9:00 am –    9:30 am Opening ceremony

9:30 am –  10:20 am Memorial lecture

In memoriam prof.  Andras Prékopa
Endre Boros

10:20 am –  11:20 am Invited Plenary Session 1

Integer Polynomial Optimization
Robert Weismantel

11:20 am –  11:40 am Coffee break 

11:40 am – 12:55 pm Parallel Session 1A:  Ands Prékopa invited memorial stream 


Bounds and Approximations for Stochastic Optimization Problems

Georg Pflug


PNBSolver: A modelling and solution system for two and multistage stochastic programming problems
Achim Koberstein, Csaba I. Fábián, Christian Wolf


Production order scheduling with stochastic operation times
Tamás Ruppert, János Abonyi


11:40 am – 12:55 pm Parallel Session 1B:  Networks and graphs


Function based estimation of infection  spreading 

András Bóta, Lauren Gardner


Approximability of some scheduling  and  graph  coloring problems 

Zsolt Tuza,  György Dósa, Hans  Kellerer


Exact values of the  enforcement value of soft correlated equilibria for simple, two-person, linear congestion games 

Ferenc Forgó

1:00 pm –    2:30 pm Lunch

2:30 pm –    3:30 pm Guided tour in  the Esztergom Basilica

3:30 pm –    4:00 pm Organ Concert in the Esztergom Basilica

4:00 pm –    4:15 pm Coffee break

4:15 pm –   5:30 pm Parallel Session 2A András Prékopa invited memorial stream 

Contributions to the modeling and forecasting of nonlinear time series
Edith Kovács, Tamás Szántai 

Information driven  machine  learning  method for forecasting supply chain demand

Tamás Szántai, Edith Kovács, Attila Egri


Optimizations of free polynomials in non-symmetric variables using NCSOStools 

Kristijan Cafuta

4:15 pm –    5:30 pm Parallel Session 2B Heuristics


Tight Online  Bin  Packing  Algorithm  with  Buffer  and Parametric Item  Sizes

József Békési, Gábor Galambos


The strip covering problem and heuristic algorithms

Tamás Bartók, Csanád Imreh


Bin packing problem  with scenarios 

Attila Bódis, Csanád Imreh


4:15 pm –    5:30 pm Parallel Session 2C Applications


The formalization of a multiobjective optimization problem for molecular  design

Gyula Dörgő, János Abonyi


Process  mining  based  analysis  of changeover  times  - an integrated approach to support line balancing

Dániel Leitold, Ágnes Vathy-Fogarassy, János Abonyi


Test  sequence optimization using survival  analysis 

János Baumgartner, Zoltán Süle, Péter Mezőségi, János Abonyi


6:00 pm – Dinner & Wine:

6 sort of wine-tasting at the famous Hilltop Winery  and an  excellent  dinner  at  the  end  (additional registration required)

December 14,  2016  (Wednesday) 


8:30 am –    5:30 pm Registration Office Open 

9:00 am –  10:00 am Invited Plenary Session 2

Quadratic reformulations of nonlinear binary optimization problems
Yves Crama 

10:00 am –  10:20 am Coffee break

10:20 am –  12:25 pm Parallel Session 3A:  Linear optimization


A class of valid inequalities for multilinear 0-1 optimization problems

Elisabeth Rodriguez Heck, Yves Crama


Monotonic build up simplex algorithms for the maximum flow problem

Richárd Molnár-Szipai, Tibor Illés


 Runtime problem relaxation to improve the simplex algorithm

Péter Böröcz, Péter Tar, István Maros


Towards the inclusion of artificial intelligence in the simplex method 

Bálint Stágel, István Maros 


Parallel Implementation of GLOBAL with Applications to Nanophotonical Detector Development

Tibor Csendes, Balázs Bánhelyi, Mária Csete, Dániel Zombori, Gábor Szabó, András Szenes


10:20 am –  12:25 pm Parallel Session 3B:  Scheduling


Allocation of resources to time constrained jobs with S-graph

Tibor Holczinger


Mobile Workforce Assignment and Scheduling Optimization

Márton Frits, Botond  Bertók


S-graph based reactive scheduling

Zsolt Nemes,  Máté Hegyháti


A novel combinatorial approach for the resource-constrained scheduling problem

Olivér Ősz, Máté Hegyháti


Heuristics for creating  vehicle schedules in practice 

Balázs David, Miklós Krész


10:20 am –  12:25 pm Parallel  Session 3C: Optimization software and simulation


The ABFC defuzzification method in Critical Path Method models and its application

Dombi József, Vincze Nándor


Integrating combinatorial algorithms into an LP-solver

Anita Varga, Richárd Molnár-Szipai


Numerical analysis of parallel implementation of the re-orthogonalized ABS methods

Szabina Fodor, Zoltán Németh


Secure Distributed Maximum and Maximal Clique Algorithms

Szilvia Lestyán


High Level Interface for Turing Machine Simulation 

György Maróti


12:25 pm –    2:00 pm Lunch 

2:00 pm –    3:00 pm Invited Plenary Session 3


Semidefinite Relaxations for some Graph Problems based on the Exact Subgraph Idea 

Franz Rendl


3:00 pm –    3:20 pm Coffee Break

3:20 pm –    5:25 pm Parallel Session 4A:  Theory of optimization


Support theorems in an abstract setting

Anrzej Olbrys, Zsolt Páles


On computing the principal eigenvector of nonnegative matrices by the method of cyclic coordinates

Kristóf Ábele-Nagy, Janos Fülöp


On the additivity of ranking in generalized tournaments

László Csató


Strengthening the Lovász theta number towards the chromatic number of a (small) graph

Igor Dukanovic


Pairwise comparison matrices and efficient weight vectors 

Sándor Bozóki


3:20 pm –   5:25 pm Parallel Session 4B:  Ands Pkopa invited memorial stream


Recent developments in Optimization Services (OS)

Horand Gassmann, Jun Ma, Kipp Martin


Scenario Min-Max Optimization and the Risk of Empirical Costs

Algo Caré, Simone Garatti, Marco C. Campi


Reliability Analysis of Production Systems

Ákos Orosz, Zoltán Kovács, Ferenc Friedler


A note on computational experience with modified L- shaped decomposition for convex stochastic programs

Jakub Kudela, Pavel Popela


A Waste Management System Modelled by Stochastic Programming 

Pavel Popela, Dusan Hrabec, Jan Roupec, Radovan Somplák, Martin Pavlas, Jakub Kudela


7:00 pm – Conference Banquette in the Primate Cellar 


December 15,  2016  (Thursday)  

8:30 am –    2:00 pm Registration Office Open 

9:00 am –  10:00 am Invited Plenary Session 4

A Polynomial Time Theory of Integer Programming 

Shmuel Onn 


10:00 am –  10:20 am Coffee break

10:20 am – 12:25 pm Parallel Session 5A:  Ands Pkopa invited memorial stream


Mathematical models from sports rating to portfolio optimization

András London


Enhanced cutting-plane methods for two-stage stochastic programming problems

Csaba I. Fábián


Third-order stochastic dominance in portfolio optimization

Miklós Kopa, Thierry Post


A financial systemic risk analysis using copula orderings

Sándor Guzmics, Georg Pflug


Stress-testing of pension fund ALM models with stochastic dominance constraints 

Sebastiano Vitali, Miklós Kopa, Vittorio Moriggia 


10:20 am –  12:25 pm Parallel Session 5B:  Applications


Optimal scheduling of examination appointments focusing on oncology protocol

János Baumgartner, Éva König, Zoltán Süle


Evaluation of the energy options of a manufacturing firm by the P-graph methodology

András Éles, Adrián Szlama, István Heckl, Heriberto Cabezas


General Mixed-Integer Linear Programming model for mobile workforce management with handling of unex- pected delays

András Éles, István Heckl


Optimal Line Balancing and Production Scheduling for Computer Assembly Lines

Botond Bertók


 A Two-Step Approach for Planning Building-Evacuation Routes via the P-graph Methodology 

Juan Carlos García Ojeda, Botond Bertók, Ferenc  Friedler 


12:25 am –    2:00 pm Lunch 

2:00 pm –    3:15 pm Parallel Session 6A:  Global optimization

 Interior point algorithm for sufficient LCPs using Dar- vay’s directions

Tibor Illés, Csilla Majoros


Jordan-algebraic approach to linear complementarity problems

Petra Renáta Takács, Zsolt Darvay


Multi-Objective Time-Cost-Reliability Optimization in Supply Chain Network by a Novel Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Algorithm 

Hamed Asadi, Nasser Shahsavari-Pour 


2:00 pm –    3:15 pm Parallel Session 6B:  P-graph


Process Network Synthesis   for Steady   State   and Dynamic Behavior by P-graphs and Petri Nets

Rozália Lakner, Botond Bertók


Effective algorithm for synthesizing optimal  multiperiod production processes by P-graphs

Zsolt Ercsey, Zoltán Kovács, Botond  Bertók


Parameter tuning for a cooperative parallel implementation of process-network synthesis algorithms 

Anikó Bartos, Botond  Bertók


3:15 pm – Closing the Conference